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Don’t have time to search out the news? We do. Let us help you circumnavigate LGBTA discourse from around the globe.

Singer Demi Lovato is honored to represent the LGBT community as young lesbian on the Glee television series. More>>

Wisconsin’s Madison Common Council passed an LGBT protection ordinance with minimal resistance. More>>

The North Carolina National Guard agreed to recognize marriage equality in its policies. More>>

Actress Chloe Moretz speaks out against LGBT bullying and recalls her two gay brothers being “treated horrifically.” More>>

Logo TV will air a live streaming discussion of “Logo Town Hall: Russia vs. The Gays” on September 10. More>>

Around 16 lawmakers from Texas request that its National Guard to recognize LGBT spouses in regards to federal benefits. More>>

A New York judge rejects motion by a Catholic School who fired a transgender teacher. More>>

The Oman government isn’t happy with a local newspaper as it sues them over coverage of gays living in the Muslim country. More>>

President Obama wants “to fix” the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, in which workers can be fired based on sexual orientation. More>>


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