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Don’t have time to search out the news? We do. Let us help you circumnavigate LGBTA discourse from around the globe.

Texas rangers player Robbie Ross, along with his wife, particpate in the NOH8 campaign. More>>

Brett Smiley, an openly gay Rhode Island mayoral candidate, hosts a fundraiser. More>>

Several legislators from Pennsylvania unite to form a coalition to pass a law that bans “ex-gay” torture of LGBT youth. More>>

A leadership conference called the Reformation Project gathered LGBT Christians to discuss religion and LGBT issues. More>>

The Premier League will allow individual clubs and players to decide to wear anti-homophobia rainbow laces. More>>

Democrat Carl Sciortino Jr. receives endorsement from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee on congressional bid. More>>

Actor George Takei believes LGBT advocates still have a lot of work to do despite winning DOMA. More>>

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