Out2Enroll wants to educate YOU (on your healthcare rights)


The new site Out2Enroll, a collaboration between the Sellers Dorsey Foundation, the Center for American Progress, and the Federal Agencies Project, is coming out to educate the LGBT community on their healthcare options.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was unprecedented in American history, leaving many uncertain of their rights and what it will mean for them. A study by the Center for American Progress showed that 34% of LGBT adults with low income are uninsured, and the majority of people who will qualify for new types of coverage are not aware of their options. The study also revealed that targeted assistance by organizations familiar with a community’s concerns is vital to getting as many of those who qualify as possible to enroll in coverage plans.

The Out2Enroll initiative, which launched on September 12 with a meeting at the White House, plans to work at both the state and national levels to inform as many LGBT community members as possible; issues that will be addressed include discrimination protection, same-sex partner coverage, and transgender inclusiveness. In partnership with consumer health advocates, local LGBT equality organizations, and other such groups, Out2Enroll will be hosting advocacy campaigns and regional forums to educate LGBT people about coverage options and encourage enrolling through the Health Insurance Marketplaces, which will open on October 1.

The center of the campaign is the website, which is set to go live on National Coming Out Day, October 11; it also has a presence on Twitter and on Facebook, where those interested can keep up with the campaign while they wait for the main site to launch.

In a press release about the campaign, Trimpa Group’s James Williams said, “Health is an LGBT equality issue. Out2Enroll will help make sure not only that LGBT people and their families have legal protections from discrimination, but also that they enjoy equal access to the benefits of health reform.”

The Center for American Progress has additional information here.


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