One Direction launches successful anti-bullying campaign


With the release of their movie This is Us and a summer music tour, the band One Direction launched a campaign against bullying. Entitled 1D+OD Together Against Bullying, the European exports teamed up with Office Depot to raise funds for education in anti-bullying.

“We are One Direction and we teamed up with Office Depot,” the boys proclaimed in the PSA. “Together we are launching an education program aimed to create bully-free schools across America.”

A percentage of the proceeds go towards anti-bullying education whenever you buy One Direction school products from Office Depot, which SewBranded helped with the campaign.

“[The boys of One Direction] are the perfect ambassadors for this school campaign as they fight against bullying,” SewBranded CEO Scott Woodward told 429Magazine. “We just finished the successful campaign with the boys’ tour… It’s been very successful in social media and very much embraced.”

The campaign’s message: “Live kind, love everyone, and move together against bullying.”

“Bullying is an important issue and we feel like it’s quite fresh,” said One Direction member Zayne in his personal PSA. “We know a bit about it ‘cause we just come out of school ourselves, and we just want to… help some people out in a bit of confusion or [teach them]how to deal with it or speak to people about it.”

According to a GLSEN study, only thirteen percent of rural LGBT students reported that school personnel intervened always or most of the time when they heard homophobic remarks, and eleven percent said school personnel intervened when they heard negative remarks related to gender expression.

In its second year, Sewbranded tackled anti-bullying. Last year, they partnered with singer Lady Gaga and her “Born This Way” campaign.

“Her message was ‘Be Kind, Be Brave, Be Important,’” Woodward recalled. “It was newly launched and we were very fortunate and honored to work with Lady Gaga.”

With children returning to school, it’s fitting that One Direction’s film aired at the end of summer.

“Branding has taken an importance with personal brand as its luxury and consumer,” said Woodward. “Marketing is competitive and story for a brand is important. It’s very gratifying, especially with back to school.”

One Direction’s This Is Us debuted on August 30.

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