Republicans of New Mexico claim that gays are too politically powerful


In the latest efforts to piss off the LGBT community, New Mexico claims that same-sex couples shouldn’t be considered a “sensitive” class—a New Mexico term that entitles members of said class more protection under the state Constitution—claiming that they are more politically powerful than women. Because there is no such thing as a gay woman. #GetReal.

A total of eight counties in the state have begun issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples—most by court order—but Republican lawmakers are fighting against marriage equality. In a brief filed this week by anti-gay Alliance Defending Freedom (can we even take this group seriously?) Republicans argue that same-sex couples simply are not meant to marry, due to their inability to procreate. Yawn.

According to the brief, “Unlike women or persons with mental disabilities—groups that this Court has previously classified as sensitive—same-sex couples possess political power that vastly exceeds their small percentage of the population. Women account for approximately half of the population, and so do people who experience “a diagnosable mental illness in their lifetimes.” Surely, this brief reads more like a parody than a court argument. Surely it was created as a prank.

The brief cites examples of excessive political parties among gays, such as: the Democratic Party supporting marriage equality, President Obama supporting marriage equality, and the many victories marriage equality has had in state legislatures or at the ballot, as if gays haven’t paid their fair dues—dues that they shouldn’t have had to pay in the first place.

So the idea is that, because gay people have found allies, they’ve disqualified themselves from protection under the law. Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives attempted a similar argument when defending the Defense of Marriage Act at the Supreme Court, however since laws had been passed protecting women from discrimination before the Supreme Court first ruled them a suspect class, the argument was nullified. Surely, this vapid “argument” will suffer a similar, rightful fate.

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