Census finds Fort Lauderdale has the most LGBT households


In a new survey by the 2012 US Census, Fort Lauderdale, Florida is the city with the highest concentration of LGBT households in the United States. Same-sex couples in Fort Lauderdale make up 2.8 percent of the city’s total households, partially due to its popularity with the queer community – the city is home to 19 LGBT resorts. 

Seattle is a close second, with 2.6 percent of the city’s households reported as same-sex, and San Francisco came in a surprising third with a reported 2.5 percent. This is the first year that San Francisco loses its ranking as the city with the most gay households in the US, a spot which the city has held since the LGBT household data has been recorded by the Census Bureau in 2000. 

According to the Seattle Times, “about one in every 17 couple households in the city” is gay.

But San Francisco is still number one with the highest percentage of single gay-male households, which may be the reason why it lost its spot to Seattle and Fort Lauderdale.

“Most same-sex couples, in choosing a place to live, want what other families want—affordable housing, more space, good schools,” The Seattle Times reported in 2011. 

Other cities that made the top ten list are: Warwick, RI; Washington, DC; Providence, RI; Oakland, CA; Somerville, MA; Portland,OR, and Minneapolis.

The cities where the least number of LGBT-couple households were reported are El Paso and Fort Worth, TX—with just one-tenth percent of the cities’ households reported as being LGBT compared to Seattle. 


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