A MP of Kazakhstan proposes banning “homosexual relations”


A member of Parliament in Kazakhstan is advocating for a law, which would outlaw “homosexual relations.” His support of this anti-gay law lies in the notion that gay couples aren’t producing children and he questions the ability of a gay man to protect the country.

Deputy Bakhytbek Smagul is the sitting parliament member for the ruling political party Nur Otan, which is led by President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

“Our country is located in a strategic region, where we have to be on our guard day and night,” his point being that, “men with a different orientation,” aren’t capable of protecting or fighting for their country, Smagul said according to Pink News. “What contribution will [homosexuals]make to our country’s demography?” he added.

Deputy Smagul modeled his new petition after Russia’s anti-gay laws which ban “homosexual propaganda.”

In addition to using Russian politics as a lead example, Deputy Smagul also spoke on the importance of family and Kazakhstan’s “national mentality,” as he argued for the implementation of anti-gay laws.

“It is obvious that when the Kazakhstani national ideology is being shaped we cannot look at the future of the nation outside the family,” Smagul said as reported by Pink News.

“However, it is worth pondering what the level of development of the institution of the family will be in a country if such homosexual relations are openly advocated. In Central Asia, where ancient cultures intersect, and [in Kazakhstan,]as a state that is an active member of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, this phenomenon damages the image of our country and its domestic policy.”

Smagul noted other countries where homosexuality is frowned upon or illegal. In Afghanistan, homosexuality is criminalized. In Malaysia, homosexuality is illegal. Whereas in Indonesia, although it is not illegal to be gay, same-sex relationships are socially unacceptable.


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