Grandfather sends angry letter to daughter after she excommunicated her gay son


By Catherine Morpeth

On October 1st, a boy named Chad sent’s Facebook page a heartfelt, incredible letter written by Chad’s grandfather to his daughter Christine who had kicked out her gay son after he came out.

The letter poignantly shows his “disappointment in [her]as a daughter” for kicking Chad out of the house. He goes on to tell her she’s “correct that we have ‘a shame in the family,’ but mistaken about what it is.” The grandfather calls his daughter “the real ‘abomination’ here” for her actions and goes on to say that Chad was “born this way and didn’t choose it” whereas she “made a choice of being hurtful, narrow-minded and backward.”

This letter shapes one family’s extremely opposing reactions to a gay child, showing the unpredictability of both positive and negative reactions. In this case it is a supportive grandfather who accepts that Chad was “born this way and didn’t choose it anymore than being left-handed,” and the mother who kicked her child out of the house. 
The grandfather ends the letter with “if you find your heart, give us a call” clarifying her need to reconcile herself to her son’s sexuality if she wishes to maintain a relationship with either Chad or his grandfather. 

The post on FCKH8’s Facebook page, showing a photo of the original hand-written letter, has so far received over 17,000 likes and 8800 shares as the grandfather’s support goes viral. commented on the post, writing, “We were blown away by how this guy stands by his grandson and stands up against his own homophobic daughter.”

As a show of support and admiration, they claim they will send Chad a “Some Dudes Marry Dudes Get Over It” t-shirt and his grandfather a “Straight Against Hate” hoodie.

As LGBT rights continue to dominate the spotlight, more and more supportive family members and friends are being thrown into the social media limelight. The stories have created adverse reactions from both LGBT supporters as well as, unfortunately, a few non-supporters. In general however, the reception to the unnamed, extremely caring grandfather amongst others, is overwhelmingly positive.

The entire letter:



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