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Don’t have time to search out the news? We do. Let us help you circumnavigate LGBTA discourse from around the globe.
The Human Rights Campaign responds to NOM President’s Russian trip. More>>
The San Diego Multicultural LGBT Book Club Foundation is officially a foundation. More>>
George Takei is scheduled to speak at the National Press Club on October 18. More>>
Sweden is restricted from adopting Russian children because of its stance on gay marriage. More>>
Philippine lawmaker Sol Aragones supports LGBT desks in police stations after several hate crimes. More>>
After coming out, actress Kelly McGillis describes herself as an LGBT activist. More>>
Scott Lively, an anti-LGBT activist, announced his bid for Massachusetts Governor. More>>
According to the Mormon Church, marriage equality is “immoral” in the eyes of God. More>>
The California Republican Party supported an anti-transgender discriminiation. More>>
Almost 60 percent of Nevada citizens want to repeal the marriage equality ban. More>>

After failed gender reassignment surgeries, Nathan Verhelst chooses euthanasia. More>>
Carl Sciortino Jr. receives endorsement from Katherine Patrick, the daughter of Governor Deval Patrick. More>>

Harvard’s business school accepts their first transgender student. More>>
Colombia’s first same-sex marriage has been annulled due to a constitutional plea from conservatives. More>>

Wyoming Senate candidate Liz Cheney attacks marriage equality in new ad campaign. More>>

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