Jared Leto to win Hollywood Film Award for “Dallas Buyers Club”


Already anticipated as one of the most popular movies of the year comes “Dallas Buyers Club,” starring Matthew McConaughey and character actor Jared Leto, who will be honored for his role in the film next month with the Hollywood Film Award for Breakout Performance.

Shot in New Orleans by director Jean-Marc Vallee, “Dallas Buyers Club” recounts a story, based on real events, of Ron Woodroof (McConaughey). As Woodroff, McConaughey plays a homophobic, Texas HIV/AIDS patient who, after being given a death sentence by doctors in the 1980s, decides to import unapproved medication from overseas to help him and other HIV/AIDS victims. Leto—a Louisiana native—plays a transgender woman, Rayan, who works as Woodroff’s business partner.

“Jared’s portrayal of Rayon in the ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ is infused with humanity and bravery, and is nothing short of a revelation,” said Hollywood Film Awards executive director Carlos de Abreu. “This is an exceptional tour-de-force of acting.”

As previously mentioned, Leto will be receiving an award for his role in the movie. He shed over thirty pounds for the role.

“It’s a tool. That’s it,” Leto explained to the press, regarding the major weight loss. “It’s a crazy thing to do and incredibly stupid and dangerous. But it’s a great tool because it changes how you walk, how you talk, how you sit, how you breathe, how you eat, how you laugh, how people treat you. It creates a sense of fragility.”

No stranger to getting into character, Leto previously dropped 25 pounds to star as a drug addict in Darren Aronofsky’s 2000 film Requiem for a Dream—based on the novel of the same name by author and co-screenwriter Hubert Selby Jr.

Leto, who hasn’t been on the big screen in five years due to his touring and musical schedule, is also well-known for his creative and commercial success with Thirty Seconds to Mars—a band he founded with his brother, Shannon Leto—which has sold over 10 million albums around the world. Before “Dallas Buyers Club,” his last movie was “Mr. Nobody” in 2009.

Leto, who only ever appeared before the director as Rayon (donning a shoulder-length wig, high heels, and red pantyhose in one scene of the movie), initially declined the role. He has said that reading the script and McConaughey’s role in the movie secured his participation.

Equally committed, McConaughey also dropped thirty pounds for the movie, and has voiced his satisfaction of being able to be a part of the experience.

“He gave me the courage to jump on board,” Leto said in regards to the leading man.

“Dallas Buyers Club’s” first official trailer dropped in August, and the film is due to hit theaters on November 1, 2013 with a limited release.


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