Openly gay Olympian Matthew Mitcham brings “more fun, music, and gayness” to YouTube


For several years, athlete Matthew Mitcham has been posting videos on his YouTube page. The Olympic diver created his YouTube channel to connect with his fans, as “he wants to bring more fun, music and gayness into your life as only [he]can.”

“Welcome to my channel. Each week, I’m going to try and upload a new video,” Mitcham said in his intro video. “[I’ll be] vlogging about my daily ridiculousness, giving you the inside scoop on one of the major diving tournaments, making ukulele covers of your favorite songs, or compilations of my gnarliest diving wipeouts. I’ll be answering all of your questions that you’ve sent to me on Twitter and maybe we can play some online truth or dare.”

Back in August, he serenaded his dog to the late Amy Winehouse’s “Cherry.”

“This is a little ode I borrowed from the irreplaceable Amy Winehouse (RIP) and dedicated to my fur-baby,” Mitcham wrote. “Just a bit of fun… enjoy! =)”

Since 2008, Mitcham has posted 18 videos that include ukulele covers such as Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and Britney Spears’ “Slave 4 U,” as well as several behind the scenes clips on sporting events.

To keep his videos popular, he asks his fans to “like and subscribe” his videos and “¨to keep coming back.

His most popular video was his ukulele cover of “Single Ladies,” which has reached over 160,000 views.

Mitcham is an openly gay athlete who has competed in the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics. He recently starred as a judge on the diving show, Celebrity Splash! with Greg Louganis and Alisa Camplin.


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