Governor Jerry Brown signs bill clarifying law to provide LGBT couples infertility insurance


Governor Jerry Brown of California signed AB 460 on October 8, authored by Assemblymember Tom Ammiano which allows all people–gay or straight–to have access to infertility treatment covered under health insurance.

“Reproductive medicine is for everybody’s benefit,” Ammiano said in a press release shared with 429Magazine.  “To restrict fertility coverage solely to heterosexual married couples violates California’s non-discrimination laws. I wrote this bill to correct that.”

The previous law recognized infertility (the inability to produce children) as something that insurers must provide coverage for and insurance laws prohibits discrimination thereof.

However, this was not always the case–some couples and singles have been turned away from receiving coverage because they were neither married nor heterosexual.

This new bill, AB 460, clarifies that previous legislation so that insurance providers must cover same-sex couples or single individuals who are seeking alternative means of reproduction.


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