Harvey Milk stamp to be issued in 2014


In a statement on their Facebook page posted on October 10, the Harvey Milk Foundation announced that the United States Postal Service will be issuing a Harvey Milk US postage stamp in 2014, and will confirm the issuance this week.

The stamp will feature Harvey Milk in an effort to commemorate Milk’s contribution to the fight for the rights of LGBTQ and other marginalized communities in San Francisco during his service as City Council member.

“On behalf of the Milk family and the Harvey Milk Foundation, we are thrilled that the campaign for my uncle to have a US stamp issued has succeeded and we thank all our partners including the International Court System in this multi year effort,” wrote Stuart Milk, Harvey Milk’s nephew, and co-founder of the Harvey Milk Foundation, in an email statement to 429Magazine.

“Harvey’s story, example and courage continues to inspire countless LGBT people and allies across the globe,” he continued.

“The issuance of the first U.S. postage stamp for a openly LGBT leader in my uncle’s name will not only educate, but will provide hope; hope that even with our recent progress in human rights, is still critically needed today.”

The Harvey Milk Foundation, established in 2010, is a non-profit organization that promotes Harvey Milk’s legacy through education and outreach around the world.


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