Robbie Rogers to publish memoir next year titled, “Coming Out to Play”


The first openly gay soccer player in a US professional league will soon add “author” to his biography after publishing his memoirs. Scheduled to release next year, Robbie Rogers announced on October 10 through Penguin Books that his account will be named  “Coming Out to Play.”

“Soccer and writing are my two biggest passions. I am so lucky to be given the opportunity to write my memoir with Penguin Books,” the 26-year-old athlete wrote on his Facebook page. “So many people helped me with my struggles while I was coming out, I hope this book will do the same for people who feel a bit like me.”

The book will detail Rogers’s life from “a troubled, isolated child to a winger for the Los Angeles Galaxy of the Major Soccer League.”

The memoir will be published as a paperback and is co-written with Eric Marcusm, who helped with Greg Louganis’s popular memoir. 

Rogers simultaneously came out and retired in February via his blog. 

“Secrets can cause so much internal damage. People love to preach about honesty, how honesty is so plain and simple. Try explaining to your loved ones after 25 years you are gay,” he wrote on his blog. “Try convincing yourself that your creator has the most wonderful purpose for you even though you were taught differently.”

In May, he decided to not retire after all and return to the Los Angeles Galaxy team, citing NBA player Jason Collins’s coming out as an inspiration, as well as his own work with the Nike Be True LGBT Youth campaign.

“I seriously felt like a coward,” said Rogers in an interview with “USA Today.”

“These kids are standing up for themselves and changing the world, and I’m 25, I have a platform and a voice to be a role model. How much of a coward was I to not step up to the plate? It’s all about seeing that it’s not something to be afraid of. It’s not going to hurt your career. I keep saying the word normal, normal, but it was. It was just good to be back. I’m excited to move on from here.”


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