GLAAD Associate Director claims featuring LGBT stories on TV can dissolve prejudice


GLAAD, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) media advocacy organization, has just released its annual Network Responsibility Index (NRI), where ABC, FOX, and ABC Family networks demonstrated the greatest amount of LGBT-inclusive content for the past TV season. For the first time ever, GLAAD released a “Where We Are on TV” report (a headcount of sorts on LGBT characters for the new television season).

Thus far this year—with the help of megahit, science-fiction show “Under the Dome” and “Two and A Half Men” the revamped version, post-Charlie Sheen—CBS has leaped from being in last place for LGBT-inclusion, passing that dishonor down to NBC. 

According to GLAAD’s NRI Report, Fox was number one this year, with 42 percent of its primetime programming hours in the 2012-13 TV season having included LGBT images, thus scoring the network a “Good” rating. The highest score of “Excellent” was not reached by any broadcast nor cable outlets this season, however, ABC landed in second place among broadcasters with 33 percent LGBT-inclusion, also earning the station a Good rating. The CW, NBC, MTV, and Showtime also earned places in the Good category. 

“As members of society and television viewers, LGBT people have the same right as everyone to see themselves reflected on screen,” GLAAD Associate Director of Entertainment Media told 429Magazine. “When straight audiences see our stories played out on TV, it can foster understanding and dissolve prejudice as numerous polls have shown, but it can also lessen potentially damaging feelings of marginalization for LGBT audiences. Ultimately, when shows include LGBT people in the world they create, they better reflect our own.”

In cable, ABC Family led the way with a “Good” 50 percent inclusion, followed by an “Adequate” FX, with 40 percent. The History channel with a zero percent inclusion received a Failing grade. 


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