Video: Betty Crocker “Families Project” celebrates diversity


The Betty Crocker company attended Pride this year to show support for the LGBT community and to promote its new Families Project, which aims to honor diversity in modern families.

“We wanted to find out what was already out there about families,” the project’s website explains. “What’s changing, how they’re succeeding, and who they are—so we put together a report about what’s going on in families today.”

The company offered treats and support, and even set up a video booth to ask hundreds of families, “What is the one thing you want the world to know about your family?”

The many moving responses were collected and uploaded to the project’s website. 

“By showcasing diverse families and continuing their strong support of LGBT families, Betty Crocker is helping to show Americans that the key ingredient to a family is simply love,” GLAAD spokesperson Wilson Cruz told the Huffington Post. “On National Coming Out Day [October 11], GLAAD joins Betty Crocker in celebrating out and proud LGBT people and their families around the country.”

The project also includes a series of short documentary films that feature various families in their daily lives.

One such film offers a glimpse into the life of the Rozen Family, a newly wed lesbian couple and their 13-year-old son, Gabe.

“I think that family means love and consistent assurance and reassurance,” Jen Rozen says in the video. “Connections don’t have to be blood based in order for them to be real and special to you. It has become the center of my universe.”

To join the Families Project, visit the website and answer these three questions: “What makes you proud of your family? What is the biggest struggle your family faces?” And, “How do you work together to make a home?” 

You can also participate using the hashtag “#familiesproject” on Twitter.

According to the Betty Crocker Families Project: “The more we learn about the strengths of every kind of family, the more we can all share in each other’s success.”


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