“Gorilla” takes home grand prize at Iris Prize Festival


At the Iris Prize Festival on Sunday evening, where over 40 of the best LGBT-themed short films were screened—along with some feature-length movies—the best short film was honored with $33,965 in funding and support budget to go toward creating a new film. “Gorilla,” the winner for the year, was directed by Tim Marshall.

“Gorilla” is a story about a newly formed couple who are forced to face the unknown in their lives when a mysterious woman arrives at their secluded campsite. The win for “Gorilla” makes for the second year in a row that an Australian filmmaker took home the grand prize, following last year’s winner “The Wilding,” directed by Grant Scicluna. 

Eytan Fox’s film “Cupcakes” won the feature-length category, taking home a $1,358 cash prize donated by financial adviser Martin Briggs from Candiff, Wales. The best UK Short was won by Jay Bedwani for his film “My Mother.” Subsequently, Bedwani will be invited to be a member of the 2014 Iris Prize International Jury.   

“IRIS 2013 has reminded us of the enjoyment to be had in discussing film,” Gilly Adams, a representative of the jury board, told press. “We’ve learned new ways of looking at cinema through sharing ideas, and often found our opinions changed by the challenge of listening to opposing views. We were impressed by the strength of the documentaries in this year’s selection–subtler and perhaps less angry than in the past. Across the board we felt that the storytelling and the film making were better and a cause for optimism about the future of LGBT cinema.”


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