Wrapping up the wedding – an interview with newlyweds Greg Louganis and John Chaillot


Olympic gold medalist Greg Louganis married John Chaillot on Saturday evening under a Malibu sunset at Geoffrey’s. The 53-year old diver and his 52-year old paralegal husband met on Match.com back in 2012 and became engaged nearly a year later, on April 8. In a generous request, the couple asked guests to donate to charities in lieu of a traditional wedding registry. This morning, 429Magazine got the inside scoop regarding the grooms’ after-thoughts post-festivities: 

429Magazine: As newly married men, has your outlook on life shifted?

Greg Louganis: It has. I felt different immediately—to have a life I can share with Johnny has definitely changed my outlook. Now, we can go through this journey together.

John Chaillot: Same here, I totally agree. I now have my own family, something I have wanted for a long time. There is a responsibility to that, a commitment to that.

429Mag: Can you elaborate on the engagement itself?

Louganis: The engagement took place in my home in Malibu at our one-year mark. I had rings designed by Bill Wall. Made a Greek Musaka, had a romantic sunset dinner and told Johnny I wanted to make it official and I asked him to marry me.

Chaillot: I said yes.

429Mag: What were some of your favorite moments from the wedding?

Louganis: There were so many. Having my Coach Ron Obrien give me away was special. We have been through so much together, from the 84 and 88 Olympics through today. Singer Patrick Alan Casey wrote a song for us, which was amazing. And the vows themselves, which were written by two very close friends. We did not hear them until they were spoken—they know us well and knew exactly how we were feeling.

Chaillot: I remember simply looking at Greg being surrounded by my closest and dearest friends and family. The wedding planner, Tom Stanley with Chic & Curated did a seamless job, also.


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