Stonewall organization assembles new statistics regarding LGB hate crimes in the United Kingdom


LGBT non-profit organization Stonewall has published new statistics regarding hate crimes in the United Kingdom in its 2013 Gay British Crime Survey. Assembled by the market research firm YouGov, the organization interviewed 2,500 LGB people and discovered that one in six LGB are hate crime victims. 

“No one should live in fear of verbal or physical violence just because of the way they were born,” Stonewall deputy chief executive Ruth Hunt said in an interview with The Guardian. 

The study also revealed that only two-thirds of victims report a hate crime, and one in four victims had authorities refer them to a support group. Also, the report discovered that one in ten reported physical assault, one in eight reported sexual assault, and over a third were repeat victims. 

“Despite radical steps to make police forces more accountable to the public, these figures show the disturbing levels of violence and intimidation faced every day by lesbian, gay and bisexual people in Britain,” Hunt continued. “Most victims don’t report abuse and, if they do turn to the police, they have low expectations that anyone will listen or act.”

While the survey results are bleak, Stonewall hopes it raises awareness in the UK’s criminal justice system by serving improved protections for the LGB community. 

The entire survey will be fully released later in the week. 


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