Managing editor of World Net Daily writes lengthy op-ed against the “LGBT lobby”


In an October 13 op-ed piece for the World Net Daily, managing editor David Kupelian compared the LGBT community to anorexics, terrorists, and Voldemort while bashing the influence of the “powerful LGBT lobby.”

“Whether it’s the anorexic or transgender individual staring intently into the mirror and seeing the exact opposite of reality, or countless other people in similar straits tormented from within, our minds are—to put it inelegantly—capable of lying to us,” Kupelian said in his op-ed entitled “Amputating Healthy Organs ‘The New Normal.’”

“Indeed, the recent renaming of gender identity disorder as gender dysphoria, thanks to pressure from the powerful LGBT lobby, means the condition itself is no longer considered abnormal or ‘disordered,’ but only the anxiety one may feel over it.”

He later lampoons the American Psychiatric Association as “cravenly caved in to intimidation from the LGBT lobby” to remove the “disorder label” from being transgender. In his lengthy piece, he later compared members of the LGBT community to terrorists. 

“If I suggested genetics or biochemical imbalances were responsible, you would laugh,” Kupelian continued. 

“Little jihadists are created when, from an early age, they are continually indoctrinated, intimidated, degraded, rewarded, tempted, lied to, punished, threatened and praised (for reinforcement)—until their little developing minds and emotions are not their own anymore. They have a new implanted identity, very different from the one they were born with.”

He also called the LGBT movement a “burgeoning form of totalitarianism” similar to the one led by Harry Potter’s evil antagonist, “he who shall not be named.”

“This revolutionary sexual anarchy movement, which more than any other ideology, including Marxism, Islam or atheism, has the potential of permanently corrupting our nation’s core ‘operating system’ called the family—is the one issue that almost everybody is afraid to confront,” Kupelian wrote. “There is no end to the madness, because madness has no end—it’s a black hole with no bottom.”

Kupelian ended his piece with an advisory alert to his readers.

“But be warned, intimidation is the No. 1 tool of would-be tyrants,” he concluded. “Not only can it make us shut up from fear, it can—without our realizing it—cause us to change our own beliefs and side with the adversary, and we will never know what hit us. Until it’s too late.”


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