Adidas endorses Oregon United for Marriage


The Oregon based athletic gear giant, adidas, fully endorsed the organization Oregon United for Marriage, on October 15.

The support from adidas will help push same-sex marriage to the Oregon ballot for the 2014 vote.

“Inclusion and diversity are important tenets for our company and employees and we want to extend those values across this state. We are proud to support Oregon United for Marriage in its campaign to extend the freedom to marry to loving, committed couples, no matter their gender,” said adidas American Vice President Paul Ehrlich in a press release shared with the Human Rights Watch (HRC).

Adidas’ endorsement comes just days after several of Portland’s professional sports teams came out in support of marriage eqaulity. The Portland Timbers, the Portland Thorns FC and the Portland Trail Blazers also came out in support of same-sex marriage–an astounding feat for the athletic industry.

Almost a year before the 2014 vote, this outpouring of support demonstrates the power of the equality campaign and delivers hope that Oregon will include marriage equality on the 2014 ballot, to say the least.


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