San Francisco cancels Russian Navy commemoration following pressure from gay rights activists


Due to the alleged pressure of LGBT activists, San Francisco city officials decided to cancel the ceremony which would commemorate the Russian Navy’s assistance in extinguishing a fire in the city in 1863.


The event was scheduled to take place on October 23 where there would be antique fire trucks and a parade along the Embarcadero. Russian President Vladimir Putin had also been invited to the event.


The chairman of The United Humanitarian Mission Leonid Nakhodkin, who organized the event, sent a letter to San Francisco’s Mayor Ed Lee asking him to reconsider emphasising that when it came to the fire 150 years ago the Russian sailors saved everyone they could regardless of sexual orientation. He also wrote “these are humanitarian acts, existing above and beyond any politicization.”


Michael Petrelis from the LGBT organization Gays Without Borders has declared in his blog that he had no knowledge of the commemoration but expressed that if the event honoring Russia occurs there will most likely be protests from LGBT activists.



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