Lucas Silveira of The Cliks discusses how his transition affected his life and music


“My music started shifting with my identity” lead singer and songwriter of The Cliks, Lucas Silveira, told 429Magazine. 

The rock band formed in 2004 in Toronto, Canada when Silveira still identified as a lesbian. 

“I came out at 17 as a lesbian” Silveira explained, “[I had a] large community of female and lesbian followers.” 

However, despite his physical appearance, Silveira knew he was a boy from the age of four. 

“All I knew was I was a boy. But how could I be, since I was born a girl” he said. 

Silveira explained that he knew the way he felt, but couldn’t express it. “[The] language was never available to me,” making it a, “tortured existence,” Silveira recalled. 

It wasn’t until trans people slowly became visible through the media that Silveira started to understand his identity. “I saw a trans person on TV and was like, ‘oh my God that’s me!'” 

“I didn’t wake me up, it woke me up,” Silveira said, speaking of his identity. “[It was like] a boiling pot [that]came very slowly at first.”

Silveira began to embrace who he was by first revealing his identity to close friends and family before opening up about his gender to the outside world. 

When Silveira officially came out as a transgender male, everything changed, both for the better and for the unexpected.

The lesbian audience which had followed the singer suddenly didn’t identify with him in the same way, and The Cliks were labeled as a “trans-band.” 

“With my lesbian female audience…it was very strange after transitioning. A lot of my fans dropped away that were female. It was something that made me very sad. I think my female fans used to see me as female even though I was saying I was trans. Then, I think a lot of my fans were like, ‘well, you’re a dude,'” Silveira explained. 

According to Silveira, many of those lesbian fans saw him shift away from the rocker-chick, female-loving, empowerment persona they knew. 

“Now people call me ‘normalized,'” said Silveira. “They think I have become a heteronormative, privileged person.” 

The Cliks have launched a campaign on PledgeMusic which asks for support in endorsing their current tour.

A portion of pledge donations will go to the to True Colors Fund, an LGBT organization helping queer youth. 

The Cliks are currently touring through the United States, where they will be promoting their new album “Black Tie Elevator” which was released March of 2013. 



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