Bill & Ted camp it up at Universal Studios, offending some and entertaining others


Writing for, Jamie Lee Curtis Taete took exception today with the Universal Studio theme park’s Halloween stage show, “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure,” in which the characters from the 1989 movie travel to the Land of Oz.

We’re not sure what that has to do either with Halloween or with any of the relevant movies, but let’s not get hung up on the details. The duo team up with Superman for a romp through various pop culture memes.

So what’s the problem? Well, at one point a witch sprinkles Superman with “fairy dust” that turns him gay—or more accurately, turns him camp. Fairy dust-infused Superman minces, lisps, goes shirtless, hits on the heroes and the bad guys, and eventually hooks up with George Takei. 

Apparently being gay makes him less effectual as a superhero, as Bill laments, “Who could possibly make a worse Superman?” A virtually identical “gay” Superman gag appeared in the park’s 2006 show.

Show of hands, who’s offended? If you aren’t yet, Taete lays out a few other objections, including:

-Kim Jong-un popping up to speak broken English while declaring himself “Supleme reader of the Munchkin Rand.”

-Munchkins being compared to Latinos, both described as “unemployed people who barely speak English.”

-A scene in which Wreck-It Ralph suggests he’s about to sexually assault Nicki Minaj (whom he has just pummeled into unconsciousness.)

The audience in the video Taete shot and shared seem to find the whole thing pretty funny, but Taete is far from amused. Trana Pittam, spokesperson for Universal Studios Hollywood, told 429Magazine that they are always “reviewing and refining the show’s content” and that it is “intended to be shocking.”

“The show lampoons all areas of our culture, and it was not our intention to offend anyone,” Pittam says.

So did the park take their Halloween hijinks too far, or is it much ado about nothing? 

“Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure” runs at Universal Studios Hollywood through November 2.


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