After receiving complaints about content, Universal Studios cancels “Halloween Adventure” show


Monday saw some outrage directed at Universal Studios Hollywood over the content of their Halloween stage show, “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure.” Now the park has cancelled the remainder of the show’s run.

A statement on the Universal Studios site reads, “After thoughtful consideration, Universal Studios Hollywood has made the decision to discontinue production of the Halloween Horror Nights ‘Bill & Ted’ show for the remainder of its limited run.”

Reached for comment, the park’s vice president in charge of publicity, Audrey Eig, said, “After thoughtful consideration, we have made the decision to discontinue production of the ‘Bill & Ted’ show for the remainder of its limited run.”

Pressed for follow-ups, Eig would say only, “This is our official comment.”

Well, at least they’re consistent. blogger Jamie Lee Curtis Taete objected to the show’s content, complaining that the racial overtones (including Asian characters who speak broken English and a comparison of unemployed Munchkins to Latinos) were offensive and that the show’s depiction of a “gay” version of Superman was homophobic. “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure” has been running since last September, apparently without vocal complaint from park attendees. Universal told 429Magazine on Monday that they were “refining the show’s content.”

Taete responded to the closure by saying she’d never meant for anyone to lose their job over her complaints, hoping instead that the show would be changed. “Lots of people said that calling this homophobic was overly sensitive [and]that the gay Superman character was a satire of something. Those people are idiots,” Taete wrote.

Well, at least she’s consistent too.

The rest of Halloween Horror Nights continues through November 2.


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