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Don’t have time to search out the news? We do. Let us help you circumnavigate LGBTA discourse from around the globe.

TheBacklot celebrates 40 influential gay men in television including Chris Colfer, Neil Patrick Harris, and others. More>>

Illinois pastor says gay parents are like 5-year-olds trying to drive cars.More>>

Rep. Nancy Pelosi to receive pro-gay lifetime achievement award.More>>

Virginia gay marriage ban will be struck down, if millennials have thir way. More>>

The impending addition of an LGBT studies center at West Virginia University is a huge step in the right direction for the school’s future. More>>

A young medical student in Italy climbed up onto the roof of a former pasta factory and jumped, committing suicide, over the homophobia he faced in life. More>> 

Tens of thousands join LGBT Pride Parade in Taipei. More>>

At least one religious leader is on the side of LGBT rights in Uganda, as seen in the new documentary “Call me Kuchu.” More>>

Conflicts at two religious colleges last week reflect the continuing tensions over gay rights at such institutions, and the ways student groups are navigating the issues. More>>

LGBT rights leader Andre Banks speaks at Ohio State. More>>

A new survey reports that U.S. voters are evenly split on “gay marriage,” with opposition strongest among those who view marriage primarily as a religious institution. More>>

Jenna and Jess, the lesbian couple who met in a New York bar in 2006, went on to create what is arguably the most adorable, touching, funny and sweet lesbian wedding video ever, according to SheWired. More>>


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