Family Research Institute founder calls for Russia to pass even stricter anti-gay laws


Paul Cameron, founder of the anti-gay Family Research Institute (FRI), addressed the Russian legislature on October 28, calling for even more restrictive measures to prevent LGBT Russians from adopting or working with kids.

Under the guise of expert testimony, Cameron, a seventy-three-year-old, Colorado-educated psychologist, claimed that as many as forty-two percent of homosexuals are pedophiles, according to Twitter updates from Russian lawmaker Alexander Sidyakin.

The FRI has long conflated being gay with child abuse, drawing criticism from nearly all quarters. The Southern Poverty Law Center designated FRI a hate group, and Cameron was ejected from the American Psychological Association for his views on LGBT issues in 1983 (FRI contends that Cameron voluntarily resigned in protest.)

In 1984 the Nebraska Psychological Association formally disassociated itself from Cameron, as Cameron was teaching in Nebraska at the time. In 1986 the American Sociological Association decried Cameron’s work, stating “Paul Cameron is not a sociologist, and [ASA] condemns his consistent misrepresentation of sociological research.”

Still, the Russian Duma invited Cameron to a parliamentary roundtable on “family values,” and Sidyakin, a vocal proponent of recent anti-LGBT legislation, praised his positions, calling him a “hawk” on LGBT issues. A bill to remand custody of the children of LGBT Russians has been proposed and may be up for a vote in months to come.

FRI consistently argues that LGBT teachers and parents, particularly gay men, pose a disproportionate risk to students and to society at large. “Our civilization is dying,” reads a policy statement on FRI’s website. “Most of our decline is due to a mix of birth control, wholesale abortion, and women in the workplace. The rise of militant homosexuality has also been a significant factor. It is both a symptom and a cause of our decline.”  


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