American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer: sexuality isn’t a choice for him


On his show “Focal Point,” American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer repeated the oft-heard conservative line that being gay is a choice; however, when pressed, he said that it would be “impossible” for him to make that choice.

Video below. 

On the episode aired October 27, a celibate gay man called in; Fischer lectured to him, “I do not believe people are born homosexual. I believe it is a matter of sexual behavior and conduct which is always a matter of choice.”

The caller replies that he has a question: “Could you have sex with a man?”

Seeming taken aback, Fischer asks, “I-I’m sorry?”

“Could you have sex with a man?” the caller repeats.

“Would I?”

“Could you.”

“No!” Fischer says quickly, laughing a little.

The caller asks him, “Well, I thought it was a choice?”

Fischer tells him, “Well sure it is, I’m just saying its emotionally, morally, mentally impossible for me […] I couldn’t do it. There’s no way. There is nothing in me that would let me do that.”

The caller asks, “How do you think I feel about women?”

“I don’t know,” Fischer points out.

The caller tells him, “There is no way” he could have sex with one.

In May 2013, Fischer refused to discuss if he’s ever experienced same-sex attractions while on Alan Colmes’ show on Fox News Radio, telling the host, “I am not going to talk about that. I’m not going to go there. Give it a rest.”

Colmes pressed, “Maybe if you’ve been able to overcome your gay impulses and you’ve been successful in doing it, you could be a model for other people you’d like to see act the same way.”

Fischer replied only, “Everybody experiences sexual impulses that if they acted on those impulses, it would destroy them.”


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