Everyone is Gay: The Parents Project seeking funds for expanding their reach


Even in this day and age, aside from basic information sheets from PFLAG and links to support groups, there’s surprisingly little online for parents who really want to support their LGBT children but don’t know how. To help remedy that, the people behind the site Everyone is Gay are fundraising for their next venture: The Parents Project.

The campaign page on Indiegogo explains, “After spending hours and hours scouring the internet in search of some kind of digital resource for parents whose children have come out, we found NOTHING. So we decided to create it ourselves.” 

Kristin and Dannielle have been running Everyone is Gay since 2009; they write an advice column, create and post “crazy videos,” travel all over the US to speak to schools about making change—and have come to the conclusion that they need to do even more.

Dannielle told 429Magazine:

We began as a text-only advice site and within a month our readers were asking for videos. So, while we are well-aware that we are living in the digital age, we also had confirmation straight from the mouths of the people we were helping. We’ve also spoken with countless parents who have thanked us for our work and told us when their kid came out the FIRST thing they did was scour the internet searching for something—anything—that would help them understand what to say or how to be supportive or what might change. Besides PFLAG…these parents would come up empty-handed and we’re trying to fix that. When you want to learn more about something, regardless of what that is, you Google it. Plain and simple. That’s just what we all do, it’s like a habit at this point. Parents should be able to hop on Google and find something immediately.

The problem is, Dannielle and Kristin are only two people. Luckily, the solution is simple. As they explain on their Indiegogo page, “We need equipment, web designers, publicists, managers…we need a TEAM to make this possible. That’s where YOU come in. We’ve partnered up with IndieGogo to raise the needed funds. How does it work? You donate, and we use those donations to put our plan into action. In return for your help, we’ve created some pretty amazing rewards.”

As with most campaigns, there are perks for giving at every level, ranging from a heartfelt thank-you for every $1 donation and a personal postcard for $5, to a very personal Gay Prom held in your own home, with Dannielle and Kristin as the hosts for a $5,000 donation; the very top level, at $10,000, gives ad space at the top of the website for an entire year.

The campaign, which ends on November 18, is looking to raise $50,000; as of this writing, they have just under $15,000. Unlike on Kickstarter, they will receive all funds raised even if they don’t meet their goal, but the bigger their budget, the more people they can reach to potentially change lives—and maybe even save some.


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