Hawaii Senate passes gay marriage bill on to House with landslide victory


October 30 saw Hawaii’s next big move towards the legalization of marriage equality. The Senate voted 20-4 in favor of the bill just days after the Senate panel voted it forward.

The legislation will now advance to the House where there will be a final vote. The fate of the bill is a little less certain in the House despite the Democrat-dominated membership. 

However, reportedly members of the Senate are confident the legislation will pass, as an alleged 27 members have already vowed to vote in favor of the bill. Only 26 votes are required for it to pass.

If Hawaii legalizes marriage equality, they will become the 15th state in the United States to do so.

In 1993, the Hawaiian Supreme Court ruled that the denial of same-sex marriages was discriminatory, but in 1998, conservative backlash caused a constitutional amendment, limiting the rights of marriage to heterosexual couples.

As a leading hotspot for wedding nuptials and honeymoons, Hawaii’s tourism industry will also benefit from the legislation.


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