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Happy Halloween:

Is Hocus Pocus the Best Gay Halloween Movie? More>>

HuffPost writer Brandon Ambrosino asks, How Gay Is Halloween? More>>


There may be few LGBT YA books out there compared to the number of books about straight characters, but there are even fewer books about characters who are both of color and LGBT. More>>

Comedian Margaret Cho talks about her current tour and LGBT issues (AUDIO). More>>

Unconfirmed reports reveal Ryan Murphy is considering a series of episodes to deal with Russia’s gay propaganda laws. More>>

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation will hold its Historically Black College and University (HBCU) LGBT Leadership and Career Summit from Nov. 2 to Nov. 4. More>>


Gay Harvard Grad Matthew Meisel Implicated in Illegal IRS Leak. More>>

A gay slur from the Wikipedia page about the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team made its way into Google’s Knowledge Graph box for a short time this week. More>>

Conservative media figures are pouncing on a fallacious column suggesting that bullying has nothing to do with suicide rates among teenagers. More>>

Inside the Princeton Club’s shockingly homophobic seminar on Investing in Moscow (VIDEO). More>>


Record-setting gay gymnast Kalon Ludvigson recovering from devastating spinal injury. More>>


A national report from an association of state-based LGBT advocacy organizations notes that significant progress on LGBT equality at city and county levels often precedes progress at the state level. Instances of progress in the Carolinas are also noted in the report. More>>

Revelation that gay audiences like Vicious, Bake Off and Splash! risks perpetuating gay stereotypes. More>>


Writing for, prospective Liberal Democrat candidate for the European Parliament Giles Goodall assesses whether Luxembourg’s Xavier Bettel could soon become Europe’s second openly gay prime minister. More>>

An HIV support group in Botswana has accused the country’s government of trying to detain gay citizens or deport them if they are foreigners. More>>


Is local gay rights movement over? Policy reform would suggest so, but advocates say otherwise. More>>

“I’m Totally In Favor Of Gay Rights, But This Transgender Stuff Is Weird.” More>>

HIV Criminalization and Stigma. More>>

Can There Be a Fourth Great Wave of AIDS Activism? More>>

Bisexual Women on Television: Is it Really Getting Better? More>>

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