Kids share their views about same-sex marriage in new viral video


In a touching new video that’s going viral, a group of children, ages five to thirteen, discuss their opinions and beliefs about same-sex marriage. The video (embedded below) was posted on the official YouTube channel of The Fine Bros and is labeled “#90” in their Kids React series. Already, the video has snagged over 800,000 views.

As the video begins, the kids watch one of two different viral videos of same-sex proposals (which can be viewed here and here) and then a brief Q&A about their opinions surrounding marriage equality ensues.

The video notes, “The opinions of children about these issues can give incredibly valuable insight into where our society currently stands and where we are headed as people. It’s important to discuss these topics openly in hopes of a better tomorrow through dialogue and conversation.”

Although most of the children seem to all agree that love is love, regardless of what gender it’s with, there are a few moments where the kids display their youth in ways that might make viewers chuckle; one boy tells the interviewer, in his version of summarizing the first marriage proposal clip, that “Justin Bieber marries a guy.” When informed that the man in the video wasn’t Justin Bieber the kid simply comes back with a simple, “Oh.”

The advancement of tolerance for same-sex marriage among the kids can surely be noted, suggesting that rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Americans could very well be close to a non-issue for the next generation. As one participant put it, “If one person should be able to do something than everybody else should be able to do it.”

Or, as an even more straightforward kid said: “Deal with it.”


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