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Don’t have time to search out the news? We do. Let us help you circumnavigate LGBTA discourse from around the globe.


European Parliament is working on a new strategy against homophobia and LGBT discrimination. More>>

An Islamist group says Malaysia has no place for LGBT rights or religious freedom. More>>

Holland may have a chance to pass LGBT antidiscrimination laws following election. More>>

LGBT Kenyans celebrated International Day Against Homophobia on Monday, demanding more recognition. More>>


Britney Spear’s favorite author, Max Lucado, is anti-gay. More>>

Fox New’s Bret Baier says anti-LGBT discrimination is OK because LGBT is a “belief.” More>>

An anti-gay town in Mississippi stops a gay bar from opening. More>>

James Franco discusses his affinity for gay characters. More>>

Orson Scott Card admits to profiting off gay marriage controversy. More>>

Teen says school suspended him for protesting anti-gay bullying by tearing pages from Bible. More>>


Florida LGBT Democrats urge Republican Senator Marco Rubio to support ENDA. More>>

A group of clergy members sent a letter to the Illinois House asking for legalization of same-sex marriage. More>>

LGBT advocate lashes out at Obama on eve of key Senate vote on ENDA. More>>

Two women married in Massachusetts are petitioning for their right to divorce in Kentucky. More>>

Gay candidates create “mostly false” claim about opponent’s attendance and record. More>>

Married same-sex couples in Arizona forced to file state taxes separately. More>>

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