Tuesday’s election results bring big wins for LGBT politicians


Openly queer politicians across the nation won major victories in dozens of political races, demonstrating a new wave of representation and support for LGBT issues in the political sphere.

Major victories on Tuesday, Nov 5 include Washington State Senator Ed Murray’s defeat of incumbent Mike McGinn in the Seattle mayoral race, who will become the city’s first openly gay mayor, and the re-election of openly lesbian Mayor Annise Parker in Houston, who gave an exclusive interview to 429Magazine last September.

“The big cities in Texas—Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, El Paso—are democratic islands in the big red sea,” Mayor Parker told 429Magazine.

“As the big cities keep growing, and keep getting more blue,” she elaborated, “we’re going to have a really interesting dynamic here.”

Newly re-elected Mayor Parker’s hope for a more democratic and LGBT-inclusive Texas seems to be trending. 

Joel Burns and Michael Laster won seats on the City Council of Fort Worth and Houston, TX, respectively, with Robert Gallegos of Houston headed for a runoff election for a seat on the Houston City Council.

Celia Israel, a celebrated LGBT candidate whose run for Texas State Representative was highly anticipated, will advance to December run-off in Austin. She would be the second openly queer member of the state’s House if elected.

The Victory Fund, a Gay and Lesbian political action committee that sponsors openly LGBT candidates, endorsed 85 candidates in 2013, 53 of which were projected to win their races on election night, representing a 64% win rate.

“We’re extremely proud of all our candidates,” said Chuck Wolfe, president and CEO of the Victory Fund on their news site. “Tonight’s victories across the country and at all levels of government underscore the power of people fighting for fairness, progress, and LGBT equality.”

Below are Tuesday’s election results of LGBT candidates being represented by the Victory Fund:

U.S. House of Representatives

Carl Sciortino-Massachusetts-LOSS


Annise Parker-Houston-WIN 

Edward Murray-Seattle-WIN 

Alex Morse-Holyoke-WIN 

Jim Ireton-Salisbury-WIN 

Mark Kleinschmidt-Chapel Hill-WIN 

Michael Gongora-Miami Beach-LOSS

Gary Schiff-Minneapolis-LOSS

Christine Quinn-New York City-LOSS

Daniel Miller-Harrisburg-LOSS

State Legislature

Reed Gusciora-New Jersey State Assembly-WIN 

Tim Eustace-New Jersey State Assembly-TBD 

Celia Israel-Texas House of Representatives-RUNOFF 

Edward Zipprich-New Jersey State Assembly-LOSS 

Bryan Tate-Pennsylvania House of Representatives-LOSS


AZ-Karin Uhlich-Tucson City Council-WIN

CA-Ginny Foat-Palm Springs City Council-WIN 

CA-Jeffrey Prang-West Hollywood City Council, At-Large-WIN 

CA-John Duran-West Hollywood City Council, At-Large-WIN 

CA-José Cisneros-San Francisco Treasurer-WIN 

CA-Jose Luis Solache-Lynwood City Council, At-Large-WIN 

CA-Mike Bonin-Los Angeles City Council-WIN 

CA-Mitch O’Farrell-Los Angeles City Council-WIN 

CA-Ron Galperin-Los Angeles City Controller-WIN 

FL-Darden Rice-St. Petersburg City Council-WIN 

GA-Alex Wan-Atlanta City Council-WIN 

AZ-Lawrence Robinson-Phoenix City Council-LOSS

CA-David Vela-Los Angeles Community College Board of Trustees-LOSS

CA-Dwayne Crenshaw-San Diego City Council-LOSS

GA-Brian Bates-Doraville City Council-LOSS

IA-Anthony Brown-Cedar Rapids City Council, At-Large-LOSS

IN-Mark Tendam-Evanston City Council-WIN

IL-Nick Kachiroubas-Crystal Lake City Clerk-WIN

KS-Scott Criqui-Lawrence City Commission, At-Large-LOSS

MA-Donald Bourque-Webster Board of Selectman-LOSS

MA-Dori Dean-Holyoke City Council-LOSS

MA-Jeff Ross-Boston City Council-LOSS

MA-Jossie Valentin-Holyoke City Council-WIN

MD-Patrick Wojahn-College Park City Council-WIN

MI-Tracy Hall-Kalamazoo City Commission-LOSS

MN-Carol Becker-Minneapolis Board of Estimate and Taxation-WIN

MN-Robert Lilligren-Minneapolis City Council-LOSS

MO-Shane Cohn-St. Louis City Board of Aldermen-WIN

NC-LaWana Mayfield-Charlotte City Council-WIN

NE-Barbara Baier-Lincoln Board of Education-WIN

NJ-Jeff Gardner-Hawthorne City Council, At-Large-LOSS

NY-Carlos Menchaca-New York City Council-WIN

NY-Corey Johnson-New York City Council-WIN

NY-Daniel Dromm-New York City Council-WIN

NY-Francena Amparo-Dutchess County Legislature-TBD

NY-Greg Rabb-Jamestown City Council, At-Large-WIN

NY-James Van Bramer-New York City Council-WIN

NY-Judd Krasher-Albany Common Council-WIN

NY-Kathy Herrera-Tompkins County Legislature-WIN

NY-Matt Haag-Rochester City Council, At-Large-WIN

NY-Mel Wymore-New York City Council-LOSS

NY-Richie Torres-New York City Council-WIN

NY-Rosie Mendez-New York City Council-WIN

OH-Chris Seelbach-Cincinnati City Council, At-Large-WIN

PA-Benjamin Allatt-Harrisburg City Council, At-Large-WIN

PA-Ernie Schlegel-Reading City Council-LOSS

PA-Lori Schreiber-Abington Township Commission-WIN

PA-Mimi DeSouza-Norristown Borough Council-LOSS

SC-Catherine LaFond-Charleston Water System Commissioner-RUNOFF

TN-Chris Anderson-Chattanooga City Council, Chattanooga-WIN

TX-Joel Burns-Fort Worth City Council-WIN

TX-Michael Laster-Houston City Council-WIN

TX-Robert Gallegos-Houston City Council-RUNOFF

UT-Marcia White-Ogden City Council, At-Large-WIN

UT-Stan Penfold-Salt Lake City Council-WIN

UT-Turner Bitton-Ogden City Council-LOSS

VA-Jay Fisette-Arlington County Board-WIN

WA-Dave Kaplan-Des Moines City Council-WIN

WA-David Upthegrove-King County Council-WIN

WI-Dan Manning-Fon du Lac City Council, At-Large-WIN

WI-Larry Palm-Madison Board of Alders-WIN

WI-Teege Mettille-Appleton City Council-WIN

School Board

CA-Adam Carranza-Mountain View School Board-TBD

MA-Lizbeth DeSelm-Melrose School Committee-LOSS

ME-Kyle Bailey-Gorham School Committee, At-Large-WIN

MO-Thomas Peters-University City School Board-WIN

VA-Lawrence Webb-Falls Church School Board-WIN


WI-Rhonda Lanford-Dane County Circuit Court-WIN

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