Chinese theater takes Thor/Loki fanart as legitimate, displays on movie poster


You know someone’s Photoshop skills are good when a Chinese company accidentally uses their photo-manipulated fanart on a promotional poster. 

An unauthorized poster seen at a theater in Shanghai had fans doing double-takes at a promotional image for “Thor: The Dark World,” featuring the titular Thor with his arms around Loki—who happens to be his brother in the Marvel universe—in what could be called a protective cuddle. 

In addition to the incest angle (although it’s not exactly unheard of in mythology, Norse myth has considerably less of it than, say, Greek), in Marvel movie canon, Thor would never embrace Loki so affectionately, given the trickster god’s status as a megalomaniacal villain. 

In the original movie poster, the person Thor is holding so protectively is Jane Foster, his love interest in the film. Considering the Marvel universe version of Loki retained his trickster nature from the original mythology, however, and can use sorcery to create illusions, the scene in the Shanghai poster is not in fact entirely out of the realm of possibility. 

According to Gay Star News, the creator of the photomanip, bbqfish on Chinese-language site Weibo, responded to her work being stolen with a post on her blog saying, “Damn it! If I were paid 1 yuan each time the photo is retweeted, I would be rich.” 

“Thor: The Dark World,” a sequel to the first Thor movie, is set to premiere in the US on November 8. 


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