A 25th birthday wish to raise $25,000 for The Trevor Project, campaign ends this weekend


Former advertising account executive Wade Addison wants just one thing for his birthday. 

“It’s a simple 25th birthday wish—to raise $25,000 in 25 days in order to support The Trevor Project in their mission to end suicide among our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth.”

Video below. 

The Trevor Project also provides “life-saving and life-affirming” resources that include: a 24/7 crisis intervention lifeline, digital communication, and advocacy/educational programs that create a safe, supportive environment for everyone.  

The “25 for Trevor” campaign began early in October, and with only two days before it hits its 25 day mark, Addison is hoping that a last push can help him reach his goal. 

The elaborate campaign includes a variety of photos and a video which features various individuals who represent the LGBTQ community. 

Addison now lives in Brooklyn, but grew up in an ultra-conservative, Christian home in a small Texas town. He currently volunteers with the organization as an AskTrevor author, while also working with their NextGen NYC chapter of young professionals to promote the organization on a local level. Although he grew up believing that homosexuality, if practiced, “would result in eternal torture and damnation,” he also learned the importance and impact of generosity and giving back. 

Though just over $3,000 shy of his goal, Addison revealed some of the challenges of organizing such an ambitious fundraiser.  “The biggest challenge was rounding up enough people to participate in the filming of the launch video and the subsequent content that has been shared over the course of the campaign,” he told 429Magazine. I was able to compensate my director, her assistant and my photographer, but everyone else was there on a strictly volunteer basis.”

Addison, who recently quit his rigorous job in advertising, admitted that he isn’t sure where his next venture will lead him, although he confirmed that he wouldn’t be planning any major fundraising initiatives anytime soon.

“I think my Facebook friend count would quickly decrease if I did anything similar in the near future! So with that being said, I’ll take a breather before so heavily promoting a similar fundraiser, but I’ll always be promoting The Trevor Project to anyone willing to listen and learn about the wonderful work they’re doing,” said Addison. “Perhaps 30 for Trevor five years from now?” Addison celebrates his 25th birthday tomorrow, November 9.

To help Addison reach his goal, donations to the campaign can be made here.


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