Philadelphia celebrates ten years of LGBT tourism


2013 marks the tenth anniversary of Philadelphia’s “Get Your History Straight and Your Night life Gay” campaign, which promotes a queer friendly environment in Philadelphia and encourages the LGBT community to visit the city of brotherly love.

The Campaign is the work of Visit Philadelphia (formerly the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation), founded in 1996 to promote Philadelphia to the leisure market. The organization was approached by the Philadelphia Gay Tourism Cuacus about marketing to the LGBT community who served as a sounding board when launching the campaign.

Since its inception, the caucus has launched the “Philadelphia—Get Your History Straight and Your Night Life Gay” campaign (2003), and the “We Your People” campaign (2008), which highlights prominent members of Philadelphia’s LGBT community sharing what they love about Philadelphia. In 2007, PGTC worked to have rainbow street signs mark the local Gayberhood, which have since been an iconic addition to Philadelphia’s landscape. 

The city has a rich queer history, being the site of one of the first gay rights protests in the late 1960s, establishing an ordinance to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation in 1982, and being host to the International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, the largest one outside the state of California.

In recognition of the work done to foster a gay-friendly environment, Philadelphia was named one of the top ten US destinations for the LGBT traveler, according to Community Marketing.

The city has gained recognition for its a huge boost in gay tourists over the last ten years, with “Travel and Leisure” ranking it one of the best cities for gay travel in the US.

In celebration of the ten year anniversary of “Get Your History Straight and Your Night Life Gay” campaign, the city of Philadelphia unveiled a new TV commercial promoting its gay-friendly environment, starring Miss Richfield 1981, a popular drag queen on the Provincetown circuit; watch it below.

In addition to the rich historical landmarks found in Philadelphia, the location also has quite the queer nightlife that can be enjoyed after hours.


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