Macklemore asks fans to support ACLU


Rap artist Macklemore, who was recently awarded “Best Video With a Message” at the MTV awards for his hit song, “Same Love,” which celebrates marriage equality, has released a video expressing his support for the American Civil Liberties Union.

The video features Macklemore at work in front of a soundboard, explaining that engaging in activism on the streets would deter him from pursuing his music career, because of the brutal police response to protestors.

Video below.

“Being beaten with a club, pepper sprayed, and tazed for expressing my political views would really slow me down,” says Macklemore, characterizing the risks involved in social activism in terms of the violence faced by those on the streets at the hand of the police.

However, social activism and addressing political issues are very important to the rapper, so he has chosen to express his political opinions by supporting the ACLU.

“That’s why I carry the ACLU card. It’s the only card that lets my gay friends marry the hell out of each other,” says Macklemore in the video, which can be seen here; it’s also embedded below.

The ACLU membership card supports the organization in its fight to defend civil rights and liberties for all citizens of the United States, and the revenue from the card helps the organization continue its work.

The latest drive to drum up membership features Macklemore and the fifty-second spot he has posted on his Facebook and Twitter. In addition to receiving a membership card upon donating to the organization, each new member will receive a limited edition t-shirt featuring quotes from the spot, which include “let my gay friends marry the hell out of each other,” and “it’s your vagina, do what you want with it.”

“There is no other organization that I believe in more,” said Macklemore in a statement released by the ACLU. “The tireless work of the ACLU to preserve the freedoms of all people in our country inspires my music and my deepest connection to my human community. To be in a position where young people look to me for their own ideas about equality makes this opportunity even more important.”


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