Actress Kathy Najimy talks about love, marriage, and progress


In a video for Huffington Post Live, actress Kathy Najimy explains why she and her husband are so passionate about pro-LGBT causes: “We fell in love, not necessarily because of genitals, but because we fell in love. We’re heterosexual, but love is love. If love is there, it’s kind of a miracle…you should be able to marry who you want.”

Video below.

The host asks, “Everything you just said there, was that totally taboo when you were first starting out [as an LGBT activist in the 1970s]?”

Najimy replies, “Oh, of course. A lot of the young men and women I met in theater…were gay, but there was no outlet, no movement…there were no organizations that really backed gay rights. We really have come a long way; it’s like, ‘wow, we actually get to ask for people to [be able to]get married?’ That’s a long way from ‘can we have a job?’”


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