British singer Robbie Williams claims to be “a straight person pretending to be gay”


Robbie Williams is making headlines this week for teasing the press about his sexuality. According to the former Take That band member, he’s a straight boy pretending to be gay (for reasons probably unrelated to the upcoming drop of his second swing album, “Swing Both Ways”).

“There is a history of gay people pretending to be straight. I want to balance the sides,” he said in an interview with Telegraph Hill. “I’m a straight person pretending to be gay. It’s easy when you’re British; we’re camp by nature anyway.”

On his upcoming album, fans will get to hear Williams continue to make light of his sexuality in a duet with gay singer/songwriter Rufus Wainwright, on which Wainwright sings: “Face it Robbie, you’re a little bit gay.”

Williams insisted to press that his campy behavior and flamboyant antics were most likely due to the fact that he’s British, citing a natural campiness among the male culture in his country—a characteristic that he reveals his wife, Ayda Field, is confused by. The two have one child together, Theodora Rose, who was born in September 2012.

The British singer has had a big career in music, holding the current record for artist with the highest amount of BRIT and ECHO Awards, with a whopping fifteen and six, respectively. With a dozen albums under his belt, his last record “Take the Crown” was described by an All Music critic as one “capable of reaching both the cheap seats and the fans screaming at the front, with big hooks, unmissable melodies,” and a trademarked grandiose introspection.

“Swing Both Ways” hits stores shelves on Monday, November 18.


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