FX show “Chozen” to bring more “gay” to prime-time animation


Most of the shows out there today are stellar examples of the fact that TV execs are afraid to take any risks whatsoever…and not much else. Over at FX, apparently, they’ve decided to go in the complete opposite direction: a show starring an ex-convict turned rapper, who also happens to be gay.

Though animated, it’s also not for kids; the trailer literally features guns, dead hookers, and blow within the first thirty seconds.

Vide below. 

Scheduled to premiere in January 2013, the new show, “Chozen,” is from the same people who produced “Archer” and “Eastbound & Down.” If you’ve never heard of either, the former could be described as “James Bond” meets “Arrested Development,” and the latter…is an HBO show, which is probably all that needs to be said about the content.

Prison tends to change a person, and the glimpse the trailer gives of the title character before and after ten years in the slammer shows that Chozen was no exception, emerging with less hair, more muscle, and more confidence. 

Chozen is voiced by “Saturday Night Live” comedian Bobby Moynihan and written by Grant Dekernion; it also stars Hannibal Buress, Kathryn Hahn, Nick Swardson, Danny McBride, and real-life rapper Method Man.


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