OppressiTech: gaydar scanner of the future?


The all-knowing Big Brother in “1984” was meant to be a cautionary tale, not an instruction manual, but you wouldn’t know it from some of the surveillance systems seen today. A new video from YouTube channel mashed is combining that issue with some countries’ laws to create a vision of the logical next step in security: a sexuality scanner, “for airports and other border checkpoints.”

The video promotes a device named “Intrusion,” manufactured by a company called “OppressiTech,” which looks more than a little similar to some of today’s security checkpoints. In the video, illustrated by minimally animated drawings, a female voice with a light British accent details how Intrusion works and what it can do.

Video below. 

“Using OppressiTech’s patented Gaydar technology,” the voiceover explains, “Intrusion heralds a new age of people-screening security solutions.”

The operating procedure, described in the video, is simple; rather than use full-body scanners to look at physical evidence, such as relative finger length or penis size, this scanner takes a more direct approach: “Intrusion’s automated genital monitoring tentacle engages with their groinal area [and]the subject is shown images designed to stimulate an erotic response. Data is collected by the tentacle, and is passed to the operator for processing and judgment.”

“The system can be calibrated to sound an alarm upon detection of individuals who are homosexual, bisexual, or normal. So whether you’re a Gulf state looking to keep your country pure, or a liberal democracy aiming to intimidate and deter asylum seekers, Intrusion is the sexuality screening solution for you.”

Mashed did not specify if they made the video themselves or sourced it from the future.


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