Meet “Daddy,” a new film about gay love in the time of marriage


Dan Via, writer of the hit play “Daddy,” about a gay professional who falls in love with a young intern, is working on bringing his story to the silver screen.

The play centers on Colin McCormack, a gay professional in his forties who enjoys the pinnacle of gay success—a great job, a steady stream of sexy younger men, and a best friend who plays the part of his gay family—but when he falls for a young intern at his work, everything changes.

The film deals with the changing face of the gay community in light of the newly won right to marry, with LGBT people shifting the focus from chosen families to nuclear families, and experiencing more support from their birth families due to changing cultural values.

“There’s an idea of separateness and needing to find strength in separateness that seems to be changing, and that seems to have ramifications for chosen families in queer community,” Via told 429Magazine.

“You have less kids being kicked out of their families for being gay, [and as]peoples’ families of origins stay more in the picture, so chosen families become less essential,” he continued.

The film takes a look at gay adults—forty-somethings—dealing with the changing cultural landscape of the LGBT community, and coming to terms with decisions they’ve made in the past.

When a gay person has lived their whole life under the assumption that certain things would never be available to them—such as a spouse, kids, a family—how do they deal with those things all of a sudden becoming a possibility?

“For the forty-somethings in my script, they’re maybe a bit confused by this change, and looking back at decisions they’ve made,” said Via. “Is he ready for something more? Is he prepared for something more?”

“Daddy,” the play, has run in both Los Angeles and New York City, where it was well-received by sites such as “The Advocate,” “LA Times,” and “Broadway World.”

Looking to produce the film according to their own vision, Dan Via and business partner Gerald McCullouch launched a Kickstarter campaign, seeking $50,000, that ends December 13 to secure enough funds to begin filming, which they hope to do in February.

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