Governor Pat Quinn to sign Illinois”™ same-sex marriage bill today


Illinois is a signature away from becoming the sixteenth state to legalize same-sex marriage.

The signing ceremony began today, November 20, at 3:30 Central Time at the University of Illinois at Chicago Forum.

For an added poetic touch, Democratic Governor Pat Quinn will sign the bill into law at the same desk where President Abraham Lincoln wrote his 1861 inaugural address. The desk was shipped to Chicago specifically for the signing ceremony.

“I think this is great progress for our state and for our society, and I think it will be looked upon that way in history,” Quinn told ABC Chicago. “It means a lot to our state of Illinois that we’re a welcoming society. I think the people of our state can understand that this law is going to make a difference for hundreds and hundreds of people.”

For those who wish to watch history in the making, ABC Chicago is providing live streaming of the ceremony here.

The bill was passed on to Quinn after being approved by the state legislature on November 5. It was initially approved by the state Senate last Valentine’s Day, but did not pass the House until May.

While the law will not go into effect until June 1, that leaves plenty of time for wedding planning.

Congratulations, Illinois!


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