Another Marvel character comes out of the closet


The similarities between being a mutant and being LGBT is no longer just hypothetical for the most recently out Marvel character.

One of the newest students at the New Charles Xavier School for Mutants, Benjamin Deeds, comes out of the closet in “Uncanny X-Men #14,” which was released on November 20.

Both the reveal and the response are appropriately low-key; when he clarifies his reason for not wanting to ask a girl out as “I’m gay,” his classmate doesn’t even bat an eye.

Benjamin, otherwise known by the codename Morph, has the ability to look and sound like an exact duplicate of any human—of any sex—that he comes across, although his height remains the same and he cannot alter the appearance of his clothing.

The communications manager at Marvel, Joe Taraborrelli, Sr., told the Huffington Post, “Continuing with Marvel’s rich tradition of character development and storytelling…the fact that Ben has come out as homosexual is just a small facet of who he is and what he is going to bring to Cyclops’ select team of X-Men.”

Benjamin joins a growing list of openly LGBT characters in mainstream comics since the Comics Code was revised in 1989; currently, one of the most well-known is DC’s Batwoman, whose wedding to fiancée Maggie Sawyer was recently called off.

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