Openly gay Scottish minister shows his support for same-sex marriage legislation


On June 26, Scotland introduced the Marriage and Civil Partnership Bill to the Scottish Parliament, which has now passed the first three votes.

Currently same-sex partners can enter civil partnerships and parliament is hoping that if the legislation is passed, same-sex marriage ceremonies could take place in early 2015.

Both the Catholic Church and the Church of Scotland oppose the marriage equality bill, but many ministers have shown their support for the legislation.

Openly gay Aberdeen minister Scott Rennie spoke to BBC Scotland about his views on the bill. “What the parliament has done is offered us space for people to express both views. It’s offered legislation that’s enabling, that allows people to move forward if they want to, but respects and keeps the dignity of those who don’t feel they can.”

He added: “I think in terms of public opinion, in ten years it will be a non-issue, I really do. And I think in twenty years, thirty years, people will be writing a report saying what on earth was all the fuss about.”

Scott Rennie is a member of the Church of Scotland’s Taskforce on Human Sexuality and was appointed minister of Queen’s Cross Church, Aberdeen, in 2009, causing church tensions.

Ministers in Scotland have insisted that members of the religious communities will not be forced to hold any same-sex ceremonies in the church if they do not wish to.

This has allowed both parties to exist side-by-side without feeling either one has been denied a fundamental right to their religious conviction.


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