Putin says Russia should “not create any xenophobia in society”


Putin made another feeble attempt on Wednesday to show his “support” for the LGBT community by issuing a statement in a meeting with local politicians saying, “We should not create any xenophobia in society on any principle against anyone whatsoever, including against people of non-traditional sexual orientation.”

I’d like to quickly clarify here that the definition of xenophobia is an intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries. Okay. I was trying for a while to connect xenophobia with homophobia and the only connection I could think of are that they are both was based on irrational fear of another “type” of person. Putin did not say, “we should not create any homophobia,” which to me would have raised a slightly more logical point.

But, if Putin were to denounce homophobia, he’d also have to accept that his anti-propaganda laws are increasing anti-gay violence in Russia, therefore accepting that the law itself is homophobic.

Putin has continued to maintain that the law passed on June 11 this year was merely to protect young children from seeing or hearing things the right-wing government do not approve of. He believes it does not in any way encroach on the rights of Russian LGBT. That’s democracy right there.

However, since the ban LGBT Russians have been subject to discrimination, arrest, beating, rape and kidnapping. On November 17, gunmen opened fire on a gay club in Moscow, and on November 3 two men entered an HIV organization’s social event to attack attendees with baseball bats and pneumatic guns. It is also known worldwide that these incidents are not isolated.

Alongside Putin’s show of “support” for the Russian LGBT, he also stated, “You know how much criticism I’ve heard said about me, but everything that we’ve done on the governmental and legal level was all to do with limiting promoting it to minors.”

Putin seems unable to admit or accept that the law is basically the government publicly stating their intolerance of the LGBT “lifestyle” meaning homophobic members of society feel they now have the right to legally discriminate. The anti-propaganda law will most likely also result in an entire younger generation being taught to believe homosexuality is wrong, something to be despised and not accepted.

So all I can say is: thanks, Putin, thanks for the crumb.

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