Amtrak invites passengers to Ride With Pride


Given the expense, the hassle, the crowds, and the invasive security measures, flying isn’t what it used to be. One of the alternatives, Amtrak, is looking to make sure its train service is especially friendly—to everyone.

Amtrak has launched three microsites to cater to minority groups, including the Hispanic community (Descubre Norte America), the black community (My Black Journey) and for the LGBT community (Amtrak Ride With Pride).

“While Amtrak’s main website,, is a travel-planning resource for all travelers, the microsites are culturally focused travel sites that host the unique, original multicultural voices of a rotating set of featured bloggers,” Amtrak said in a statement.

Those bloggers have already begun contributing to the site with stories of their Amtrak adventures.

“My job is to travel across the country, see new sites and connect with everyday people,” said Mark Mastro, editor of the new Ride with Pride blog. “More importantly, I share my experiences with those who are seeking a travel experience that makes them feel comfortable.”

The Amtrak Ride with Pride site features links to general information; the blog with information for LGBT travelers, from vacationers to new college students; and a short list of current travel deals.

Amtrak has a longstanding history of including the LGBT community in marketing and outreach. The company is a sponsor of events like Capital Pride in Washington and a member of the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association.

In the summer of 2012, they released “Ride with Pride” ads featuring two different LGBT families, with the tagline “Priceless family moments are now affordable.”

A page on the original version of the website, as quoted by the Huffington Post, declared that “At Amtrak, diversity is not just a corporate buzzword, it’s a priority. We understand that valuing diversity is not only a good thing to do, but a business necessity beyond compliance that plays a vital role in customer service delivery and ultimately the success of our operations. Simply put, our business diversity philosophy means commitment to ensuring our company embraces a culture of respect and appreciation for differences and similarities of all people.”


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