Pro-LGBT Peruvian Congressman mocked in a comedy skit


Carlos Bruce, a Peruvian Congressman, is being mocked for attempting to legalize same-sex civil unions back in September. 

Video below.

Following the penning of the proposed bill, Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani used a radio appearance to attack Bruce, implying that the lawmaker was gay for having created it.

“If a person has made some alternate choices, that’s their problem and he can do whatever he wants on his own,” Cardinal Cipriani said on the “Dialogues of Faith” program on Peru’s RPP network.

“But I don’t think that we’ve elected congresspeople just so they can justify their own life choices. I don’t think that’s right.”

Cipriani also added that civil unions make a “caricature of marriage.”

Bruce—a divorced father of two sons—proposed the legislation in September, which would legally acknowledge the relationships of gay and lesbian couples with civil unions. Although Bruce’s preference is same-sex marriage legalization, he understands that Peru isn’t quite ready for that big of a leap.

“I regret that…[the cardinal]is bringing up personal matters…I will not answer such vileness,” Bruce, a popular political figure in Peru, reportedly said in response.

Bruce’s participation in crowning Miss Amazonas Gay was criticized in a skit on the show “El Especial del Humor” (“The Humor Special”), broadcasted by the Lima-based network Frecuencia Latina.

In a separate skit mocking the congressman, Bruce addresses a group of prancing sailors who refer to him as their “benefactor” and insist on being called “Evitas.” Before exiting, Bruce is encouraged to give a little twirl, which can be seen at the 2:57 mark of the video below.


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