“Go Fish” director keeping it real with (hopefully) upcoming “Creeps” movie


Guinevere Turner, perhaps best known for her first movie, “Go Fish,” has been making and starring in films since 1994; unfortunately, contrary to popular belief, that hasn’t made her any kind of media mogul. Then again, considering her latest script, even Stephen Spielberg might have a hard time getting Hollywood to back it; as Turner explains, “It’s a movie about gay assholes who are mean to each other and drink a lot, so…traditional funding routes are probably not an option.”

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When Turner first started out, the LGBT community had effectively no representation in media; “Go Fish” was made largely to help change that. Nearly two decades later, as she said to After Ellen, “everybody’s cool with the fact that we’re people.”

So, she decided to make a movie showing some of the less successful members of the LGBT community, and she’s looking for less traditional contributors through fundraising site Indiegogo.

Titled “Creeps,” the film centers around the kind of people your mother warned you about. The Indigogo page describes it as “a movie that follows the highs and lows of Mona and Freddy, two queer best friends who decide to quit drinking and doing drugs for a week so they can have great skin for a party. The movie follows them and their group of friends through TV nights, dinner parties, drug binges and break ups. And that’s just in one week.”

If the title wasn’t a tip-off, Turner readily admits that the characters in “Creeps” are by and large an absolute mess; the fact that it’s a struggle for them to get through a single week clean and sober isn’t the only reason why, either. As a dark comedy, though, it’s about more than that.

“First of all, it’s [about]a friendship between a gay man and lesbian which I feel like is a hugely underrepresented that’s very real in real life,” Turner said to After Ellen. “I think a lot of people are going to like what that dynamic is. But more importantly I feel like that the flawed character is the new hero…If it’s properly written and properly directed and properly performed, you’re with them because they’re human and they’re interesting and you see your own flaws in them.”

Character flaws aside, the movie also has a focus on connections; in addition to the two BFFs, their circle of friends includes lesbian twins that work as DJs in competition with one another, a perpetually aspiring singer, a “newly minted” trans guy, and a professional dominatrix; the official summary explains, “Together they are a Big Homo family, however dysfunctional.”

The campaign ends on November 24; it can be found here.


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